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Welcome to Ecoss Region!

In Ecoss either people or Pokémon live in harmony with nature in a very eco-friendly environment and each city is specialized in a specific type of Renewable Energy. Can you guess them? In addition, more than 100 brand-new Pokémon, badges, leaders, and other surprises are waiting for you to be discovered in Pokémon Sunburst & Moonfrost!


The story introduces the Virus Team a group of villains against these energies all for their convenience and business. (Not finished)

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Player and Rival

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Pokémon Sunburst and Moonfrost is a new Pokémon game idea made by myself. I have always wanted to create my own Pokémon game and I decided to have all the info online in a wikia for showing it to public. I have all things to create the game (new fakemon, moves, leaders,etc.) So I would need a team or someone who likes to base a game on all these ideas, it would be amazing! For now, I am going to do my best, create the game using RPG MAKER XP (Pokémon Essentials) and maybe, just maybe, releasing betas and so on (I am alone so I won't do it in a very proffesional way).

Thanks and Enjoy!

P.S. There is a mistake in the tittle of the wikia (It is called Pokémon "SunBURST, not burn. Sorry for that I'm trying to fix it).

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